Human Factors - Safety - Organisational Excellence - CORTEXIA

Damien is a world recognised expert in the fields of human factors, safety and critical decision making. He completed his Honours thesis in Behavioural Finance and his PhD in 2006 focussing on naturalistic decision making and hypercognition and then went on to successfully lead a major human performance research program within the Department of Defence focussing on Human Factors and Distributed Cognition. Damien has over 14 years experience designing, leading and developing human performance and safety management programs across a range of industries. He has integrated Human Factors on numerous projects across all lifecycle phases and has a keen understanding of the demands of complex automated systems. Damien has also designed numerous training packages focussing on Hypercognition; delivering his clients a unique capability in accelerating expertise. He has played key roles on international human performance working groups and helped develop numerous international standards including CANSO's Human Performance Standard of Excellence. His pragmatic and results-driven focus combined with exceptional comprehension of the field and formal accreditation in Change Management, mean your operational outcomes will be second to none. Damien is the founder and Principal at Cortexia, a boutique Safety and Human Factors consultancy servicing high-risk and high-reliability industries.

Download a copy of Damien's CV here and check out Damien's book on Decision Making Bias and Training here.