Threat & Error Management

A world-class panel of affiliates.

The Argos Protocol Affiliate Panel includes internationally recognised experts in the fields of human factors, human performance, safety, culture, organisational psychology and capability. Our affiliates cover the full spectrum of performance interventions across all high-reliability and high-risk industries. From leading olympic sports psychologists to elite special forces to a former US Navy Blue Angels Commander; the Argos Protocol is well placed to build your organisation’s operational performance monitoring, assessing and enhancing capabilities.

Argos Protocol Expert Panel

Dr. Damien Armenis

Engagement Lead & Human Factors

Allison McDonald

Evidence-Based Training

Dr. Rob Weaver

Safety Management & Leadership

Rob Ffield

Team & Human Performance

Mark Gallagher

Change & Organisation Performance

Countermeasure & Learning Advisors

Shayne Hanks

Sports & Performance Psychology

Kirsten Peterson

Sports Psychology & Neuroscience

Clifford Morgan

Human Performance & Field Leadership

Data Analytics

Justin McNamara

Performance Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Experience across the entire spectrum of high-reliability industries.

Oil & Gas