Rob has extensive experience in aviation safety, including 6 years as an Executive at Australia’s Air Navigation Service Provider.  During this time he spent 4 years as Head of Safety for Air Traffic Control and Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting, which included oversighting Airservices Safety Management System and providing independent safety assurance to the Board of Airservices. Other leadership portfolios have included Enterprise Risk Management, Governance, Audit & Assurance, Environment, Security, Resilience & Crisis Planning, Fraud & Ethics, Community Relations, Regulatory Standards & Compliance.

He is a former Chair of the Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation (CANSO) Asia Pacific Safety Workgroup and former member of CANSO Global Safety Steering Committee.

Rob has experience in global aviation industry leadership, academic and industry safety training and Board, Regulator and other stakeholder engagement.

He holds a PhD in Safety Critical Systems (Computer Science) and a Masters of Engineering in Computer Systems and Software Engineering both from the University of York, UK.