Threat & Error Management

Results via enduring front-line high-performance.


Resonate & Connect

We resonate and connect with your front-line operators and staff. Our in-situ field observations support the peer-to-peer observations and use an apprentice-mentor model, where we get to know both your operators and the unique threats they need to manage on a daily basis. Our workshops continue this trend by using tailored and inspiring examples from various industries, all tied together with pragmatic countermeasures designed specifically for your operators' threats and environment.

Out of the Box

Traditional safety and performance interventions do not inspire high-performance at the front-line of operations. We know this because we are operators or have worked shoulder-to-shoulder with operators for many years. We leverage heavily from cognitive psychology, elite military training programs, high performance teams and sports psychology.

Cutting Edge Science

Our evidence-based techniques are derived from the latest peer reviewed research on cognitive psychology, human performance, decision making, motivation, threat and error management, safety management and pedagogy. Our Engagement Leads are all published experts in their respective fields.

Designed for You

The Argos Protocol is a tailored process based on the latest research. The process, threat and error manual, observation form and countermeasure workshops are all designed around your organisation, operations and unique industry requirements. Nothing is generic.

TEM Countermeasures

Different from the rest. Born from the best.

The Argos Protocol is not another safety survey but an objective investigation into your operations; how well your staff and organisational systems anticipate and manage threats and errors. The observations are driven internally and in 'live' environments by your own well regarded staff/operators rather than safety experts with little operational ’street cred’. This allows us to build tailored and targeted threat and error workshops based on proven countermeasures and techniques sourced from Special Forces, the US Navy's Top Gun Flight School, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Sports Psychology and High Reliability Organisations.

A world-class panel of affiliates.

Argos Protocol Expert Panel

Dr. Damien Armenis

Human Factors & Decision Making

Allison McDonald

Evidence-Based Training

Dr. Rob Weaver

Safety Management & Leadership

Rob Field

Team & Human Performance

Mark Gallagher

Change & Organisation Performance

Countermeasure Advisors & Field Coaches

Shayne Hanks

Sports & Performance Psychology

Kirsten Peterson

Sports Psychology & Neuroscience

Clifford Morgan

Human Performance & Field Leadership

Data Analytics

Justin McNamara

Performance Data Analytics & Machine Learning