Argos Protocol TEM SafetyAllison is a human factors and system safety specialist.  She started her career in organisational psychology, and has focused on human factors and safety for the past 18 years, in safety critical industries including mining, rail and aviation.  Allison has masters level qualifications in psychology, safety management and human factors, and continues her academic affiliation as Adjunct Associate Professor in Organisational Psychology with the University of Queensland.

Allison has extensive experience in the integration of human factors in safety management systems and training, and in applying human factors methods for user-centered design in safety critical systems.  In the rail industry, Allison developed and implemented the first rail adaptation of the normal operations monitoring program, LOSA (Line Operations Safety Audit), and introduced non-technical skills training for safety critical roles.  For several years, Allison’s leadership roles with Qantas Airways, focused on human factors, operational risk management, safety culture and fatigue risk management. More recently, Allison was Senior Manager Human Factors at Etihad Airways in Abu Dhabi, where she played a pivotal role in the implementation of Evidence-based Training (EBT).  Allison currently is a Director of the EBT Foundation, and supports airlines across the world in implementing contemporary competency-based approaches to pilot training.  She also provides consultancy support in human factors, system safety and training, across safety critical industries, as Director of her Sydney-based company SystemiQ.