Monitor performance, minimise error, manage threats. Ultra-resilient performance for high risk industries. Argos Protocol Safety

A proven approach that enhances operational performance.

The Argos Protocol is not another safety survey, but rather a methodology designed to improve performance and reduce error in high-reliability and high-risk industries. Its roots stem from the Threat and Error Management framework; a proven approach that has improved aviation safety and operational efficiency worldwide. The Argos Protocol allows your organisation to get ahead of the curve by providing an accurate picture of your normal operating risk, rather than relying on lagging indicators such as  incidents which are often too late to highlight your organisation's drift. In high-reliability and high-risk industries this often means saved lives, improved service delivery and increased profits.

Threat & Error Management

Benefits by design.



Increase your organisation's and front-line staffs' ability to reduce error and address systemic issues resulting in increased effectiveness and efficiency.



By reducing human error and improving operational resilience, poor decisions and incidents are reduced, while resources are invested in addressing identified root causes, resulting in reduced costs and increased profits.


Operators and frontline staff begin to anticipate and respond rather than react, while your organisation will be able to identify critical performance trends in line with Ultra Resilient Organisation principles.


The improved ability to monitor, anticipate and respond with fewer errors and a more resilient organisation, results in safer performance.

Different from the rest. Born from the best.

The Argos Protocol is not another safety survey but an objective investigation into your operations; how well your staff and organisational systems anticipate and manage threats and errors. The observations are driven internally and in 'live' environments by your own well regarded staff/operators . This allows us to build tailored and targeted workshops along with in situ coaching, based on proven countermeasures and techniques sourced from Special Forces, the US Navy's Top Gun Flight School, Neuroscience, Cognitive Psychology, Sports Psychology and High Reliability Organisations.

Tailored. Cost effective. Enduring.

With the tailored Threat and Error Manual, peer-to-peer observation, ultra-resilient performance workshops and in situ coaching, the Argos Protocol is able to identify threats and systemic issues; embedding proven countermeasures into normal and emergency operations, improving performance and reducing risk in your organisation. Don't require the full Argos Protocol suite, or just require a threat manual or workshops? We can customise the process to your requirements and budget.

Argos Protocol Process TEM

A world-class panel of affiliates.

Expert Panel


Dr. Damien Armenis

Engagement Lead & Human Factors

Allison McDonald

Evidence-Based Training

Dr. Rob Weaver

Safety Management & Leadership

Rob Ffield

Culture & Human Performance

Mark Gallagher

Change & Organisation Performance

Countermeasure Advisors & Field Coaches


Shayne Hanks

Sports & Performance Psychology

Kirsten Peterson

Sports Psychology & Neuroscience

Clifford Morgan

Human Performance & Field Leadership

Data Analytics


Justin McNamara

Performance Data Analytics & Machine Learning